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Looking to monetize your audience and stay authentic in the process?

You may have a large and/or highly engaged audience but constantly coming up with content take a toll. The burnout is real. 

Take a break and sell something with purpose that is genuinely crafted to help your creative audience.

We put together all of the materials and swipe files so no need to create a thing.  No worries about sleazy sales here as we work to check all of our products and speakers are genuine and not just trying to make a buck.

We create high quality sales pages and materials that speak to chic female creative entrepreneurs! See the sample page here

The affiliate application is really easy.  Just sign up through our Affiliate Portal and you’ll get your personalized affiliate link, all product pricing and affiliate commissions details, and swipe files and graphics for social media and email.

You’ll be compensated for helping us to spread the word too.  For example, if we have a product or online pass event that costs $97 and have a 50% commission set up, you’ll make $48.50 for each sale.  So if you make let’s say 50 sales you’ll make just under $2,500.

That’s a nice bit of change for very little effort.

So sip up some sweet pink drinks and cast your content creation worries to the side!

We got this! So send us a note if you’re interested in being an affiliate and we’ll put you on the wait list for our next bundle or event.

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